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The EOT Element

Associate Director Matt Robinson discusses how hgh’s move to becoming an Employee Owned Trust brings both opportunities and challenges.


It’s been a few months since hgh became an Employee Owned Trust (EOT), joining a growing set of consultancy and architectural firms changing to this business model. Becoming an EOT has some obvious advantages for our employees: income tax free bonuses of up to £3,600 annually comes to mind. However, I feel that the real advantages are more abstract than this. 

By having an indirect stake in the company, employees have a better say on how hgh is run. This creates a sense of ownership in the business; and a shift in mindset away from simply working for hgh to wanting to contribute to its long-term growth and culture. In uncertain times such as these, this entrepreneurial spirit is precisely what’s needed.

Team Spirit

Furthermore – and no less importantly – being an EOT provides long-term stability and job security for hgh’s employees, boosting staff retention (thereby building successful relationships with colleagues and clients), as well as making hgh an attractive place to work for potential new employees.  And for hgh, a consultancy built around team spirit, that seems a good fit.



Matthew Robinson, Director, hgh Consulting
[email protected]

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