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World Town Planning Day 2023

World Town Planning Day:  8th November 2023

It’s fair to say that town planning has appeared in the media far more in 2023, having entered the public consciousness beyond the American sitcom ‘Parks and Recreation’ or more recently, ‘Clarkson’s Farm’. This year it has gained attention from: the future of the M&S flagship store on Oxford Street; a reported Government U-turn on “nutrient neutrality” rules; and greater scrutiny of the UK’s housing supply shortages. All of which have a huge impact on the way we plan for the future.

World Town Planning Day celebrates how integral planning is to improving the lives of people and society in multiple ways: socially, economically, and environmentally.

Below, hgh Planners reflect upon what is important about planning to them:

Ella Payne, hgh Assistant Planner

“The housing crisis is a multifaceted challenge which planners are working to solve. I believe planning is instrumental in addressing this, from promoting policies and strategies to encouraging affordable housing. To me, helping solve the housing crisis is just one example of how planning is a powerful tool for making a positive contribution to people’s lives, and creating inclusive and sustainable communities.”

Matthew Pearce, hgh Principal Planner

“Planning is, perhaps, unappreciated by most of the population, who only experience it when a scheme directly affects them. What is not appreciated is just how much of our day-to-day life is influenced by planning. As a Planner, I believe it’s important to ensure that we help guide how places are developed – or indeed, left undeveloped – in a way that benefits as many people as possible both now and in the future.”

Zoe Welman, hgh Senior Planner

“How many times did you say or hear, “it’s so warm for October” last month? Probably a lot. The climate crisis has never been so strikingly evident, and planning is central to balancing the plethora of competing issues that society faces. For me, what’s important about planning is building a better sustainable future, where green credentials are at the forefront of the architectural design process, and in which both society and the environment can thrive.”


Private: Zoe Welman, Senior Planner, hgh Consulting
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